David Cartwright Selected as Regional Elder

As the Christian Church in Indiana seeks ways to energize and connect congregations, we utilize
persons known as Regional Elders. This serves to extend the ministry of our regional staff with area churches and clergy. Teal and Barb Younce have served the White River Valley cluster of congregations for several years. They retired from this position as of December 31st.

Dr. David Cartwright has accepted the invitation of the regional staff to serve as Regional Elder, with the responsibility for the care of the approximately dozen congregations comprising the White River Valley Area, which includes his home church of Hazelwood Christian Church.

Dr. Cartwright joins 15 other regional elders, each connecting with the congregations in their charge in a variety of roles. The region’s expectation is that the regional elders serve as a link to the regional staff, as a friend/supporter/advisor/encourager to ministers and congregational leaders, to be of assistance (in times of illness, crisis, conflict or transition in a local congregation), and to help our congregations envision their future.