“Christmas in July” Update

Thanks to all who so generously contributed to “Christmas in July,” sponsored by the Mission and Benevolence Committee. A very impressive donation of food and toiletry items were placed under the Christmas tree, which include the following: Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, and other pasta box meals, 153; pasta sauce, 7; macaroni & cheese, 10; cereal, 15 boxes; various canned goods and other items, 26; laundry detergent, 7; deodorant, 17; razors, 5 packs; hand soap, 108 bars; dishwashing liquid, 6; shampoo, 18; toilet tissue, 296 rolls; paper towels, 10 rolls; toothpaste, 55; toothbrushes, 137, for a grand total of 870 items.

Thanks again for everyone’s help. God Bless!

Shirley Bookout, Chair of Mission & Benevolence Committee