Coed Softball Team Makes Deep Tournament Run

Congratulations to Hazelwood’s Coed Softball Team!  It placed 3rd overall, out of 24 teams (all 3 coed divisions together).  Between Friday night and Saturday afternoon, the team played 7 games.  After winning all 3 games Friday night, the team got beat early Saturday morning.  In its 2nd game (on Saturday), the team was struck by injury.  It lost 2nd baseman Cathy S. (she is fine, after taking a ball to the head/face.)  However, the team was now down to 8 players.  They somehow pulled off a victory in that game.  After a short rest, they played their 3rd game of the day and gained another victory (still with only 8 players).  In the 4th game, they played an upper division team that took advantage of the team only having 8 players.  Those 8 players were exhausted, but they gave it their all.  The team is extemely pleased that they placed 3rd after all the adversity they had over the weekend.  Congratulations, team!

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