Summer camps are here again.  I hope each of our youth and parents received their camp letters this past week.  As always, camp is an exciting time and an important part of our youth’s Christian development. Check out the camp schedule and registration forms posted in the Rotunda.  There are opportunities for everyone. 

Camp forms and tuition are due to the church office no later than Wednesday, April 18.  Remember, in order to submit your form to the region, your tuition must accompany your registration form.  The church offers a 50% tuition scholarship to each of our campers.  If you have questions or concerns about camp dates or cost, please contact Sara Laroche at the church office.  The camping program is such a great opportunity, and we hope that each of our youth will attend camp this summer. 

 To our congregation

Camp isn’t just about our youth.  At infant dedications we, as a congregation, offer our support and encouragement to the infant and their parents to help raise the child in a Christian manner.  Each summer we have approximately 15 youth attend summer camps, and this year you can be a part of this opportunity as well.  Please consider supporting our youth in one of the following ways…

Pray for our youth as they prepare for summer camp, for travel mercies, and that they may draw closer to God and grow as Christians, through their camp experiences this summer.

Scholarship for a youth.  Each year it is a joy to send so many young people to church camp.  Please consider helping offset a youth’s tuition by donating to the matching scholarship program the church offers.  The average cost of camp for a young person is $250, of which the church pays half. 

Consider being a counselor this summer.  If you have a passion for Christ, like the outdoors, and enjoy spending time with youth, consider counseling one or more camps this summer. Information and registration forms may be obtained through the church office, or the regional website,  

Ask our youth about camp when they return.  Each youth brings back numerous stories and experiences they would love to share with you.   

Summer Camp Schedule —

New Beginnings Camp (completed grades 2-3) 

  • June 18-20 @ Bedford                                                                              
  • July 5-7 @Barbee  

 Young Disciples Camp (completed grades 4-5)

  • June 25-30 @ Bedford                                                                                        
  • July 23-28 @ Barbee

Chi Rho Camp (completed grades 6-7)

  • July 9-14 @ Bedford
  • July 16-21 @ Barbee

 Created to Be Me Camp (completed grade 8) – June 17-23 @ Camby

 CYF Camp/Conference (completed grades 9-12) – June 25-30 @ Barbee
                                                                                          –  July 2-7 @ Bedford

 Grandparent and Me Camp (completed Kindergarten – 3rd grade & Grandparent)                   –                                                                                                     – June 11-13 or July 2-4 @ Barbee
                                                                                                     – July 21-23 @ Bedford

 MAD Camp (completed grades 6-12) – July 9-14 @ Barbee

 CROSS Camp (completed grades 6-12) – June 18-23 @ Barbee


Sara Laroche, Director of Youth and Education