Thank you to all the congregation for their support of our youth during our volunteer trip to Cleveland, Ohio. Our youth spent 20 hours, over four days, volunteering with various organizations. We also had plenty of time for fun and to experience the amazing hospitality and generosity the state has to offer.

During the trip, our youth learned that over 65 million pounds of food are donated each year to help feed those in need in the Cleveland area. Our youth collected and donated 65 pounds of food during their trip. Because of this experience, our youth wish to challenge Hazelwood to donate 650 pounds of food over the next year, to benefit local agencies that help provide food relief for those within our own community. Look for the bins in the Rotunda and Fellowship house to place your donations to support our challenge. We look forward to helping our community in this way. You can check our progress of how much we donate each month in our newsletter.

Our youth did amazing work during this trip, so please ask them the next time you see them, to share one of their stories with you!


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