In January, Rev. Colby Smith and Bill Wakeland crafted an agreement leading toward the close of Dr. Wakeland’s service as choir director. The last Sunday of June, leading into the choirs’ summer break through July and August, will be Bill’s final Sunday.

The Personnel Committee has worked through two meetings, with another scheduled, to proceed toward completing the task of acquiring a new director of choirs. This notice is to inform the congregation of a staff position to be filled in accordance with established church policy and practice.

The Personnel Committee is composed of the following six seated members in addition to Moderator John Starnes, Vice-Moderator Dennis Holmes and Rev. Smith:

  • Larry Green (2012)
  • John Rainey (2012)
  • Leah Ritchie (2013)
  • Molly Wantz (2013)
  • Sonny Morris (2014)
  • Chair Bob Weller (2014)

Please contact any of those listed above with a nominee you might wish to lift up to be included in their deliberations.