“Our family owned a rental home on CR 1000 W, and June 20th the house caught fire, and the house and all the contents were destroyed.  There was a family of four renting the home, and they have lost everything they owned.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have renter’s insurance.  No one was home at the time of the fire, and there were no injuries to the family or the firefighters. 

“I’m just putting the word out asking for prayers and for donations if you feel moved to do so, and you are able.  I can’t begin to explain the emotion that I witnessed and the utter despair I saw. They have their vehicles but no belongings other than the clothes they were wearing. 

“They are currently relying on the Red Cross for housing, and they are allowed to stay for two weeks, at which time they have to find a place to live.  They are young parents in their early twenties without financial resources to recoup their loss.  They are employed but barely meeting their expenses.


Mother sizes:

  • Shirt – medium
  • Pant – size 7
  • Shoe – size 6   

Father sizes:

  • Shirt – large
  • Pant – 32 x 32
  • Shoe – size 10

“There are two one-year old boys,  and they are wearing 18-month sizes now. 18-month size and up would be great.  They will need clothes in bigger sizes in a few months.  Their shoe size is 4-5. 

“Toiletry items, towels, sheets, bedding, clothing, shoes, dishes, etc.  Everything is needed. We’ve donated from our closets and cabinets and storage, but what they still need is daunting. 

“My sister’s church, Vermillion Christian, provided some emergency funds, and we purchased some bras, underwear, etc. that we thought probably wouldn’t be donated, as well as a couple sets of clothes to get them through a couple days. We were also able to get two cribs donated.  The family was so grateful and humbled when we took the donations to them. It was a very moving experience for our family to be able to express God’s love to them through the donations. Hazelwood has also given a cash donation which is much appreciated. 

“I will come and pick up items from you, or items could be left by the steps to the carriage house where Branson and Lacey live, and we’ll get the items from there. 

“If you can donate, please write a brief note and supply it with the items so the family knows the donations came through the Christian love and support of Hazelwood. 

Thank you,”

Arlene Shirk