“This letter is meant to thank you on behalf of the parents, teachers, and pupils of this school. This is to acknowledge the receipt of the following items through Professor Winnie Muchera and Professor Huffman:

1) School supplies: pencils, pens, erasers, and sharpeners.

2) School uniforms, accompanied by sweaters and pullovers.

3) Donation of ten thousand shillings (ksh 10,000) Kenya money, towards the feeding program for standard eight pupils.

4) A tin of pain relieving tablets.

“The donations will ensure the learners to improve academically and health-wise.

“The school management committee managed to request, and has been granted from the Japanese Embassy, the construction of the following, through a non-governmental organization, (KAMADEP) Kazi Mashambani Development Program:

1) Two standard modern classrooms.

2) Eight-door pit latrines.

“The school is in the process of acquiring a piece of land valued at four hundred thousand shillings (ksh 400,000) Kenya money. This will enable the school to grow beans and maize to sustain the school feeding program. It will also make the pupils, through agricultural demonstration plots, to acquire more skills in food productions.

“The school is also in the process of making a bore-hole for the purpose of providing clean and safe water for the children and the community.

“The Shivembe community is wishing you the best, as we continue to communicate, and you support our school programs. Thanking you in advance, yours faithfully,”

Daniel M. Jumba, Principal
Shivembe Primary School
Kaimosi – Kenya