Would you like to volunteer with the preschool? There are many volunteer opportunities, and we can always use your help! 

  • We have more classrooms and more children this year, making our need for classroom volunteers even greater.  We would love to have volunteers from the congregation. 
  • Another volunteer opportunity is through the Back to School Teacher Store in Muncie. This store offers free supplies (everything from chairs, posters, and paper clips) to preschools and public schools in Delaware County. To be able to take advantage of this store, we need to give 7 hours of volunteer time each month to the store. This time can be done by one person or many. We are currently coordinating the volunteer times for the month of September. 
  • Another volunteer opportunity would be helping at some of the special events (Open House, Christmas Programs, etc.) we have throughout the school year.  We could use help with preparation and providing refreshments.  If you are interested, please contact Rebecca Swander at 284-2430, ext. 25 or hazelwoodpreschool@hotmail.com. 

Another way to support the preschool is through prayer. We are embarking on a new year, with new families, and new programs.  Your prayers will help us as we strengthen and continue this ministry and outreach provided.

With the addition of new classes and using new classrooms, we are in need of some supplies and equipment. We are currently looking for a computer, printer, filing cabinets, and overhead projector.  If you have these items collecting dust, we would love to offer them a new home!


Rebecca Swander, Director