As we begin 2014, please think about, and pray about, how you can help out at your church.  There are many things, that take many people, to make happen.  Volunteers are needed for the following areas in 2014:
  • Chair of Christian Life Committee (speak to Amy Stucky, Moderator)
  • Help with Lent Study (March ~ speak to Rev. Colby)
  • Help with Property Work Day (Spring ~ inside and outside on the property.  Speak with John Burke, Property Manager)
  • Someone to organize Maundy Thursday dinner (April 17 ~ speak to Linette)
  • Chair of Graduation Lunch (May 18 ~ speak to Linette. We would like for high school juniors’ families to be involved.)
  • Vacation Bible School (July 14-18.  Speak to Rev. James)
  • Help with Fall Bazaar (October ~ speak to Rev. James)
  • Someone to organize Thanksgiving dinner (November 16 ~ speak to Linette)
  • Poinsettia Delivery to our shut-ins (December ~ speak to Linette)
  • Someone to chair Christmas Box Project (December ~ speak to Rev. Colby)
  • Help is always welcome in Preschool (speak to Angie Lopez, Director)
  • Church school teachers for Sunday mornings (speak to Rev. James)
If everyone would help where they can, no one would be overloaded. God calls us to serve in these ways at church. We could take a good lesson from a beehive:  every single bee has a job to do, and does it diligently.As you consider what YOU can do, please read the following Scriptures:  I Peter 4:10; Mark 9:35; Romans 12:4-8; I Corinthians 12:27-31. God has made us individual members of one body. Members intended to serve. May your year be filled with blessings in service to Christ and Christ’s Church.

Linette Cook, Administrative Assistant