I am always looking for ways to help others out in our community.  I was visiting Christian Ministries one day this summer to help a person out in the Muncie area.  As I was waiting for this lady to arrive, I noticed the secretary was cutting out coupons.  I figured they were for her own shopping trip.  When I inquired, she said those were coupons people have donated.  She cuts them out, and sets them out for those who may need them to help buy their essential groceries.

There are times we felt led to help a good and just cause, but we have given all the extra money our budget can allow.  I use a few coupons when I go to the grocery store, but I know there are several that I don’t use and just throw away.  I’ve saved a few diaper coupons for relatives, but I never really thought about the rest of the coupons.

I think what Christian Ministries is doing is wonderful, and needed in our community.  The coupons are just another way they are able to help others, and a way we could help that doesn’t cost us any extra money.  I will have a box set up in the Fellowship House to collect these coupons for Christian Ministries.  They do not have to be cut out, but please make sure they are not expired.

Rev. James Petty