“Hazelwood Christian Church has another opportunity this year to demonstrate love to those who feel forgotten. There are many people in nursing homes and mental health agencies who have no family, friends, or finances.  One gift may seem small, but it is so much more than the items in the box. It demonstrates compassion, kindness, hope, and love. Most importantly, it is one of the ways we can show the love of Christ to others. Mental Health of America, of Delaware County, has passed the reigns of sponsorship to Christian Ministries this year.  We are in need of people to ‘adopt’ a patient. You will select a slip of paper with the first name of the person, along with their specific wish list items. You then purchase the gifts and return them to the church unwrapped. That is all you would need to do. Monetary donations are also accepted for those who don’t wish to shop. There are many patients this year who need to be ‘adopted.’ Please prayerfully consider getting involved, to help one more person receive a gift that they otherwise may not. There will be an upcoming announcement, and distribution table of names Sunday, November 23. If you have questions, please contact Nikki Haars, 765-282-7544 or Shirley Bookout, 765-744-1207.”

God Bless you, Nikki