We have adopted 40 families, with 65 children, through the Salvation Army.  Without everybody’s help, this project would not be successful.

  • Thank you to Shirley Bookout, the Mission and Benevolence Team, and everybody who volunteered with the fundraiser back in October.  With their help, we’ve been able to get an early start on purchasing the toys and ordering the food.
  •  Thank you to our church staff who helped coordinate, advertise, receive food, take phone calls, prep rooms, and so much more.
  •  Thanks to all our youth and adults who helped us shop and wrap the presents for the children.
  •  Thanks to all who donated supplies for wrapping the presents.
  •  Thanks to Donna Foley for all those phone calls to the families on our list.  Without her help, we would be delivering packages to empty houses or wrong addresses.
  •  Thank you to Heather Kruger for coordinating the packing and delivering of the boxes.
  •  Thank you to all those who helped pack and deliver the boxes and presents.
  •  Thank you to Marsh Foods Store, on Tillotson Avenue.  They ordered the food, delivered, and gave us their discount on the food.
  •  Thank you to Meijer, in Muncie, for working with those shopping for the Secret Santa gifts.  They gave us a discount, and a $200.00 donation toward our purchase.