The month of April we will be accepting donations to help with “Winnie’s Kids,” in Kenya. Each donation received will be matched, up to a total of
$1,500, from the Missions and Benevolence Sulanke Trust. Place your contributions, in a pink envelope or pew envelope. Please mark all contributions “Winnie’s Kids.” Sunday, May 3, will be the special “Kenya Day,” when we will present Winnie with our offering. Some ways in which your contribution will help…$500.00 provides 2 cows; $35.00 provides a uniform for a student; $5.00 provides a chicken; other needed items such as school supplies, medications, and personal grooming supplies are also purchased with your donations.  There are great needs in Kenya, so please prayerfully consider how you can help “Winnie’s Kids.” — Missions and Benevolence Team


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