We are always trying to be eco-conscious of the things we put in the environment.  We are always collecting empty ink cartridges, used batteries, cell phones, plastic or paper shopping bags, and aluminum cans and tabs. Many of these items are reused or raise money for different groups.

  • Ink Cartridges – Staples gives our church office rewards for future office supply purchases.
  • Cell Phones – Value of any phones will be split between Hazelwood’s ministries, and the company’s own community project(s).
  • Shopping Bags – These are reused by Christian Ministries in multiple ways.
  • Aluminum Cans – These are donated to raise funds for A.R.F.
  • Aluminum Can Tabs – These are donated to raise funds for Riley Children’s Hospital.

There are white bins with labeled drawers in the Library, and in the Fellowship House foyer, for ink cartridges, batteries, and phones. Shopping bags can be put in the Christian Ministries bin in the Rotunda. Aluminum cans/tabs can be put in the container with the blue bag in the Fellowship House foyer. Thank you for not only keeping our environment clean, but supporting many good causes as well.