Hello again from the search committee (SC). The SC would like to update you on an important juncture in the process. We met on the evening of April 7, and we are scheduled to meet again on the evening of April 28. We are in the process of developing a Congregational Survey for you! The Congregational Survey will be available on or about May 1. It is of utmost importance that each individual or family complete a survey. The survey will perform two very important functions to the search and call process: 1) The SC will use the results to help compile Hazelwood’s Congregational Profile. This profile will go out to each prospective candidate for Senior Pastor. Obviously, it is critical to paint as accurate a picture of Hazelwood as we possibly can. That in turn will help candidates assess their own compatibility with us, and help us call a pastor who best fits our congregation. 2) The results of the survey will help the SC determine Hazelwood’s needs in a pastor, and guide us as we endeavor to discern which candidate can best meet those needs. More information on how these surveys will be distributed and when they are due back will be forthcoming.

As always, the SC covets your prayers! We who have committed to the search process must rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance, which may be entreated by corporate petition. So please pray for us, because we need it!

~Mike Haars, Search Committee Member