Here is a summary of the results from the congregational survey regarding Worship, that was filled out in conjunction with the Sacred Conversations meetings that were held in March. We thank everyone who completed and turned in a survey.

  •  Eighty-four surveys were received.
  •  Twenty-seven were turned in by males, and fifty-seven by females. Over half of the surveys (48) were by people age 65 and older.
  •  Fifty-four people have attended Hazelwood 20+ years.
  •  Congregants were asked to rank elements of the worship service from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most important to them. The sermon was ranked among the most important with 53 votes. The next highest in importance was communion, with 29 votes.

There was a section where congregants were asked to agree or disagree to certain statements.

  •  Sixty-six people either agreed or strongly agreed that music in the service is a main component of how they express spiritual joy.
  •  Fifty-two congregants agreed or strongly agreed that they would be interested in exploring a blended worship service.
  •  Fifty-six people would like to see a more robust Sunday school program for all ages.
  •  Only fourteen people agreed or strongly agreed that our concurrent worship service style we have now (services going at the same time) is working and should continue.
  •  Fifty-four people would like to see a change in how we worship at Hazelwood.

There were lots of various comments given for the last 2 questions on the survey. If you’d like to see a full report of the survey results, including all the comments that were given, there will be full copies available for you to pick up in the Library during coffee fellowship. If you have questions about the survey report, please see Rev. Diane, or Tony Gill, Board Chair.