The library is in the process of being reorganized.  Reference books have been returned to the shelves.  Next to be added are other books that may be borrowed and returned on the “honor system.”  In addition to reference materials, the library will contain Disciples of Christ histories, books written by Hazelwood members, books by well-known theologians and ministers, books dealing with various spiritual topics and miscellaneous inspirational fiction.  For several Sundays, books and videos that we are not going to keep will be set out in Cartwright Hall, so that you may choose to take some home and keep.  During your browsing, if you find a book you’ve read, and you think it merits being kept in the church library so that others may borrow it, please give it to one of the book helpers listed below.  The task of deciding what to keep and what to retire was a bit daunting, but we remain open to your suggestions.  Thank you from, and to, our book helpers:  Donna Dye, Marianna Gill, James Petty, Glen Sulanke, Ann Wolfe.