We will begin our Christmas Box sign up for volunteers this Sunday to help pack and deliver boxes of foods and gifts for children.  On Thursday, December 17, we will meet in the Rotunda/Library area to pack the boxes with the non-perishable foods at 6 p.m.  Those of you who can, meet at 4:30 to tape boxes together, check the food, and sort them into stations for packing.

The Christmas Box Project is a way that we can help less fortunate families in our community have some comfort and joy during the holiday season.   These families apply with, are screened by, and are organized by the Salvation Army.  Organizations like us contact the Salvation Army to request how many families and children we can adopt for this project.  The Salvation Army puts together a packet of names and pertinent information. In 2014, we increased the families and children we adopted because of a surplus from 2013.  We provided food for 42 families and gifts for 50 children.  Our food baskets contain $80 worth of food per family and $25 in gifts per child.

The great news is we were able to use every penny of the 2013 surplus and money donated during our 2014 drive in helping these families last year.  Therefore, we need your donations towards the Christmas Box Project more than ever this year if we are to continue to help these families.