“By now, many of you have probably seen the two articles in the newspaper referencing the Sulanke Fellowship House. I’d first like to reassure everyone that we have no plans to tear the building down. The Trustees are, however, exploring other options that fit within what our congregation would consider as acceptable use of the facility. In addition to these discussions, the general board has agreed to a recommendation of the Trustees to limit use of the Fellowship House during the weekend. This limited use time will run weekends, Friday afternoon through Monday morning. This will allow us to lower our utility expenses by not having to maintain the building in an occupied state over the weekend. While a few exceptions may pop up, like the upcoming Bazaar luncheon, all other weekend events that were normally held in one of the dining rooms in the Fellowship House will now be held in Cartwright Hall. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the many challenges we continue to face. Rest assured any major decisions regarding the facilities will be well thought out and brought before the entire congregation for a final decision.”  Tony Gill, Board Moderator