* Christian Ministries Food Pantry:  December volunteers included Dick & Marcia Miller, Jim Warrner, John & Carolyn Starnes, Cheryll Crose, Dee Moser, and Glen Sulanke. Thanks to all for their support of this very important community service.

* Salvation Army Bell Ringers:  Christmas Eve ringers include Ann Wolfe, Larry & Sonja Rees, Donna Browne, Glen Sulanke, Bob & Sue Weller, Jim, Judy, & Travis Warrner, and Shirley Bookout.



* Christian Ministries:  $100

* Christmas Box Project:  $300

* Youth Opportunity Center:  $150



  1. CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES SLEEPING ROOM: The week of January 10-16, 2016. Each day, Hazelwood will provide two meals…breakfast, 6-7 a.m., and supper, 6-7 p.m.  Participants are encouraged to bring food already prepared, or you may fix what is available at the shelter. Sign-up begins Sunday, December 27. Please prayerfully consider when you can help. For additional information, please contact Shirley Bookout at 744-1207.
  2. WALK-A-MILE IN MY SHOES: The Muncie Mission’s 12th annual Walk-A-Mile in My Shoes is February 13, 2016. If inclement weather, it will be on February 20, 2016. Proceeds will support the Mission’s ongoing commitment towards building hope for the homeless. Sign-up to walk or to support a walk begins Sunday, January 17 through February 7 in the Rotunda. Prayerfully consider taking a step into the struggles facing the homeless by walking or contributing.

Blessings to all, the Missions & Benevolence Team.