The Search Committee requests your presence at a special Congregational Meeting on Sunday, February 28, 2016, for the purpose of discussing and voting on the calling of a Senior Minister. The Congregation will meet at 11:45 a.m. for a catered meal, followed by the introduction of the Senior Minister Candidate. This time will include an opportunity for the Congregation to ask questions of both the Search Committee members as well as the Candidate.

Please keep in mind that, until we officially call a new Senior Minister, this process needs to maintain a degree of confidentiality. While the Search Committee members (listed below) would be happy to discuss the candidate and the reasons they, and the members of the Board, are 100% in agreement in our wish to bring him/her forward, there is still certain information we cannot reveal.

We look forward to joining each and every one of you on Sunday, February 28 as we all participate in shaping the future of Hazelwood Christian Church.

Search Committee Members: Shirley Bookout, Amy Stucky, Wendy Rees, Tony Gill, John Starnes, Kelly Heavilon, Andrew Rowe

Reminder from the Moderator:

The Governance for Hazelwood Christian Church calls for a written ballot vote for the calling of a Senior Minister. The Governance specifies the candidate must be accepted by at least a two-thirds majority of the active participants present at the meeting before the official call for the Senior Minister can be extended. This means, you have to be present to vote. I look forward to meeting the candidate and, even more, I look forward to you meeting the candidate.

In Christ – Andy Rees, Moderator


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