Christian Ministries Men’s Sleeping Room:
“To my volunteers that are a part of my heart as well as the ministry, thank you. I am so grateful for all you do for the men- you know they are close to my heart. I really don’t have words to express the gratitude we feel in our hearts. Some of the men shed tears when they had to leave on the last day. That broke my heart, but we did all we could do to help and I pray that they will be alright. Please join me in prayer that there will be a way made to keep the shelter open and create programs to help them to get back to independence. If you have any ideas or thoughts to that end, please call me at 765-212-0740. Thanks so much and God bless.”

~Betty Robertson, Coordinator of Men’s Sleeping Room


Children’s Clothing Center:
“Dear friends, Children’s Clothing Center truly appreciates the donation of $300. The Clothing Center reaches out to those lacking adequate school clothes. You are most thoughtful to think of your community and be of help. Thank you!”

~The Board of Children’s Clothing Center of Delaware County


“Thank you for your $300 contribution. In 2015 alone, you helped provide a home for 481 women and children. And through the structured programming and individualized case management that is made possible by your support of the YWCA, we are able to help women gather the tools they need to reclaim their independence. Again, we thank you for your kind contribution.”

~Nance J. Buchert, Executive Director


Second Harvest Food Bank:
“For the 75,000 food insecure individuals in our 8-county service area, days are filled with anxiety about having enough food for themselves and their families. We are grateful for your donation of $300 to the Second Harvest Food Bank. Your gift will help provide them with food, making their lives less stressful. We are careful stewards of every dollar we receive and right now your generosity is helping distribute food to more than 110 partner agencies that serve the hungry in our community. Thanks again for making a difference in the lives of those we serve.”

~Tim Kean, President & CEO


Muncie Mission:
“Dear friends, thank you for your great gift of $300. We are so grateful for your partnership in God’s work in our community. As you know, we’re able to do so many things because of your generosity. From feeding the hungry to sheltering the homeless… even providing counseling and support for those who have lost their way. All of this is possible because of friends like you. So on behalf of all the struggling souls we help, I thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for your compassion.”

~Frank Baldwin, Executive Director



Winnie will be presented with a check on Sunday, June 12 for her upcoming Kenya trip. You can still donate and be a part of this special blessing for Winnie. Place your contributions in a pink or pew envelope and mark your check “Winnie’s Kids.”

~God Bless, Missions & Benevolence Team