Everyone has already been so welcoming to me. I’ve enjoyed the chances I’ve had to get to know some of you, and many of you have been asking about me. Here’s the rundown on who I am:

I grew up in Missouri, in a small town west of St. Louis. I have two sisters, one younger and one older. After going to seminary in Texas and being ordained in 1998, I served in churches in Montana, New York State, and northwest Indiana. I like running and bike-riding, gardening, cooking, and sports. I enjoy Mexican, Italian, and Thai foods. I really dislike mayonnaise, vinegar, and pickles. I’m engaged to be married in California in July, and my fiancée, Madeleine, will be joining me here in Muncie in August.

There’s so much more to know about me, and I know there’s lots to know about you all. I believe good things as a pastor come from developing strong relationships with those in the church. I look forward to getting to know you, hearing your story, and hearing about your journey in faith. I’d like to, over the coming months, have some time to get to know each of you. So maybe we can find a time to visit, or get a meal or coffee together. We have lots of good things to learn about each other, and I look forward to the chance to do so.

Grace & peace,

Rev. Jason Jones

P.S. Thank you for the nice welcome you gave on my first Sunday preaching. I enjoyed the cake and snacks, the welcome basket, and the chance to say hello to so many of you.


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