As you know, Winnie has been returning to Kenya for a number of years. She returns every year to bring hope, love, and compassion to the children who live there and to the parents who shelter many of the children who have been orphaned. Since 2007, Winnie has allowed Hazelwood to participate in her ministry of love by assisting with critically needed funds. Over the years, we have truly partnered with Winnie and the results are astounding!

Here are the major ways our church works with Winnie:

  • Uniforms. The children of Kenya cannot go to school without a uniform, yet many children do not have one. Winnie and Hazelwood have provided thousands of uniforms for these children so their dream of an education can be achieved.
  • Medicine/Hygiene Supplies. The girls and young women in Kenya cannot attend school without the necessary feminine hygiene products. Winnie is able to take these products to the school for distribution so all students can be present.
  • School Supplies. Who can forget the pictures of the students as they receive their pencils from Winnie? The joy of receiving just one pencil is incredible, and the smiles on their faces are unforgettable!
  • Clothing. Winnie is able to provide clothing to the students. T-Shirts and underwear are given to students in need.
  • Food. Over the years it became apparent that the students in the school were not able to eat lunch because they had no food to bring from home. Through Winnie’s program, an acre of ground was purchased. The students farm the ground, providing corn and beans for them to eat each day.
  • Construction on the School. Due to Winnie’s efforts, school enrollment has gone from 385 students to over 500! The school needed to expand in order to accommodate this growth. Over the years, 8 bathrooms and 2 classrooms have been added to the facility.
  • Support to “Strength is My Refuge.” There are ten women, including Winnie’s own mom, who have taken it upon themselves to adopt orphaned children. They currently have 55 children in their care. Winnie and Hazelwood have helped enable the purchase of cows, providing milk to the children and fertilizer for their crops.

Over the years, Winnie has built strong partnerships with other groups who help assist her efforts to improve the lives of these children. She has worked with Ball State, taking students and staff to Kenya for a first-hand look at the needs there; She has spoken to a variety of schools in the community, pointing out the needs of the Kenyan children and the blessings of students here; She has enlisted the aid of community agencies in obtaining support for the effort; She has received help from other churches in the community that have seen the need and responded with Christian love and support. We at Hazelwood are so proud to be under the umbrella of those who are helping in this amazing ministry!

Everyone who participates is involved with changing lives for the better.

We have helped to provide clothing where there was none…

We have helped to provide medicine where there was none…

We have helped to provide education where there was none…

We have helped to provide food where there was not enough…

We have helped to provide facilities where they were needed…

Most importantly, we have helped to provide hope where there was none…

These words were given by Jim Warrner on Sunday, June 12 before he presented Winnie with a check for $18,900. Winnie came forward with her thanks and deep appreciation and promised to be a good steward with this generous gift.

Amount: Generously given by:

$10,000 2 Ball State friends, specified for playground equipment

$5,076 Other Ball State friends

$2,050 Hazelwood Congregation

$1,000 Sulanke Trust, disbursed by Missions & Benevolence Team

$350 Yorktown Christian Church

$274 Kenya Calendar Sales

$100 CWF

$50 ChiKiLo Class


  • $300 to Hazelwood Preschool Scholarship Fun
  • $1,000 to “Winnie’s Kids” in Kenya


“Thank you so much for your generous donation of $300 to our Scholarship Fund. The family that will be receiving this money is certainly in need. Thank you!”

~Angie Lopez, Director of Hazelwood Christian Preschool


Christian Ministries Food Pantry volunteers for June 22, 23, & 24 include: Shirley Bookout, Don Crose, Dick & Marcia Miller, Larry & Sonja Rees, Carol Schussler, Ann Wolfe, and Elaine Wulff. Thanks to all who served!


Beginning Sunday, July 10 through July 31, we will be collecting non-perishable items for Christian Ministries Food Pantry. Please place items under the Christmas Tree in the Rotunda. Items needed include: Boxed Dinners, Cereal, Peanut Butter, Macaroni & Cheese, Toilet Tissue, Shampoo, Tooth Brushes, Toothpaste, Bar Soap, and Diapers.


“On Saturday, June 25 from 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. volunteers are needed to help the Whitely “Paint the McCulloch Park” project. People can volunteer as little or as much as they choose. For this event, supplies and equipment will be furnished, but feel free to bring a favorite brush! Meet at the lodge in the park. Please pray for good weather and safety for all involved.”

~Cornelius & Mary Dallison, Whitely Community Council


July 30, 10 a.m.- 2 p.m., Fairgrounds Memorial Building

This event is for children that live and attend school in Delaware County. Goals are to provide school supplies and a NEW pair of shoes for students who are not able to afford them. Hazelwood has been asked to provide boy’s/men’s size 5 athletic shoes. We will be collecting now through Sunday, July 24. There will be a tote in the Rotunda for the donated NEW boy’s/men’s size 5 athletic shoes. Contact Shirley Bookout at (765) 744-1207 for more information.

~Blessings from the Missions & Benevolence Team