This year, we will celebrate our Religious Freedom Sunday on July 3. We will have our worship service outdoors at 10 a.m.  Chairs will be set up in front of the Sanctuary steps, but you are invited to bring your own comfy chairs or a blanket if you prefer. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, and you might want to bring some bug spray to ward off any pesky invaders!

After the service, we will have a fellowship picnic. You bring your lunch and the church will provide drinks as well as ice cream and toppings! It doesn’t get much better than that on a summer afternoon!

If the weather does not cooperate (we are all too familiar with good-old Indiana weather!), the service will be held in the Sanctuary, followed by an indoor picnic in Cartwright Hall. We will be keeping an eye on the forecast and updating the website as to the location of the service.

Let’s pray for great weather, and we’ll see you on July 3 at 10 a.m.!