Have you ever told someone you attend Hazelwood Church and the conversation went something like this?

“Where is that?”

“Right on University Ave., just east of Ball State.”

“There’s a church there?”

“Sure is. Right past the Village.”

“Past the Village? I’ve never seen a church there, just a bunch of houses.”

“You remember where that green fence was?”

“Oh! You mean the big white mansion. That’s a church? I thought that was just some rich person’s home!”

“Well, the church offices are in there, but the church building is just to the left of the mansion.”

“I’ve never noticed it there before!”

How can we expect to grow as a church if no one even knows we’re here? They’ve all seen the mansion, but very few have ever noticed the church. And it’s no wonder! As you drive down University all you see are houses, the big white mansion… and TREES! As beautiful as those trees are, there are so many so close together that they all but completely block the view of our wonderful church! Having our front fence removed has helped to open up our property and make it more welcoming. Now it’s time to take the next step and increase our visibility.

To help with this, the Trustees have decided to have a few trees removed from the front of the church in order to allow passersby to see the church building and to clear some trees that have been damaged by storms and need to be removed for safety reasons. Don’t panic! Only a small number of trees will be removed. The idea is not to clear-cut the land, but simply to thin out the dense group of trees that block our church from view of the street.

Just imagine… soon that conversation about Hazelwood will go more like this:

“Where is that?”

“Right on University Ave., just east of Ball State.”

“Oh! I know right where that is. What a beautiful church! What time is your Sunday service?”


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