The Youth Mission Trip to Give Kids The World in Orlando, Florida was a tremendous success! None of it would have been possible without all of the love, support, and prayers from our Hazelwood family, and for that, we are truly grateful!

We came back with so many stories to share. In fact, we were all so deeply moved by our experience, that we want to encourage anyone who will be near Orlando, for whatever reason, to make time to check out the Give Kids the World Village. Simply take a tour, or better yet, volunteer, and you will see why this place is so important for families with kids facing life-threatening illnesses or cancer.

There are many things we plan to share with you about our trip during worship service on Sunday, August 14. Though that date is fast approaching, the wonder of our experience is simply bubbling over and begging to be shared! So here is a sneak peak of just one of the many things we learned about and were inspired by:

Letters to God

Tyler was a child who came to Give Kids the World during his illness. After Tyler passed away, his parents found a notebook in which Tyler had written letters to God. These were not selfish letters or letters angry at God. These letters were prayers for others, prayers that Tyler wouldn’t be forgotten, prayers that Tyler could make a difference in other’s lives while he was still alive. What an inspiring child!

In the time since finding Tyler’s notebook, a movie has been made about Tyler and his letters to God. A mailbox has even been installed at Give Kids the World where families can mail their own letters to God. You can watch the movie trailer at