“While gathering together on Sunday mornings for worship is a vital part of being a Christian, participating in a small group is where change can really happen.  Small group bible study is a great place to get deep and personal with the Lord and with your fellow Christians.  Wendy Rees, Jenny Grove, Amy Stucky, Stefanie Petty, and myself have been participating in our own personal bible study (in each other’s homes) for some time now.  The bond and relationships we have now are irreplaceable, and we’ve learned things about ourselves and about God.  We wish to share this experience with other women in the church who might be looking for the same thing. Monday, October 3, from 6 – 8 p.m., we will meet in the East Room of the Sulanke Fellowship House to begin a women’s bible study.  If Monday is not a good day for you, but you are interested in a bible study, let me know, and if there’s enough interest, we can maybe start another group on another night.  We will be using a study from the Women of Faith series called “Managing Your Moods.”  What woman wouldn’t want to know how the Bible can help with that!  Childcare and transportation can be provided, if we know ahead of time.  Please contact me at, or call me (765) 282-5969. We make time for so many things in our lives.  Let’s make time for what is most important:  our Lord.”  Marianna Gill