“On behalf of Shivembe Primary School, the School Board of Management, and the entire community, I write to acknowledge receipt of the following:

  1. 255 school uniforms for girls and boys
  2. School supplies (pens, pencils, erasers)
  3. T-shirts
  4. Medicine
  5. Sanitary pads for the girls
  6. Funds for the playground

We extend our sincere gratitude for the donations which were channeled through Prof. Winnie Mucherah. We realize the continued support you have given to the school to assist the needy children.

Thank you very much and God bless you!”

Yours faithfully,

Victor Umali Songole, Head Teacher

Join us on Sunday, October 2 during worship service as Winnie shares with us the trials and triumphs of her latest visit to Kenya. God is truly at work in this wonderful ministry, and Hazelwood is blessed to be a part of it!


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