As beautiful as newly-fallen snow is, it can result in dangerous conditions if not diligently removed, which is a huge undertaking for our two dedicated grounds keepers! Despite their pre-dawn start, it is simply not within the power of two people to plow the parking lot, clear all of our many walkways and entrances of snow, and get salt down soon enough for it to have a chance to have an impact on the ice, all before people start arriving for worship. With that in mind,  we  are  looking  for  a  few  able-bodied volunteers who are willing to come to church early on Sunday mornings when fresh snow has fallen to help clear the walkways, including the steps leading up to the front doors.

If we are unable to find enough volunteers, we will have to prioritize snow removal and focus our efforts on the parking lot and the more frequently used entrances at the Rotunda and the north side of Cartwright Hall. That means when there is fresh snow on Sunday morning, the South-East entrance to the Sanctuary (red double doors) will be blocked off, and a sign will be posted directing those arriving to use the Rotunda doors.

If you would like to help out with this endeavor, please contact Stefanie in the church office at (765) 282-5969, or by email to