I want to thank our dedicated Youth Sponsors who have helped me over this past year with youth activities, All-Youth Fellowships, bible studies, fundraisers, and the Youth Mission Trip. John and Jill Clark joined us and were a great help in planning, raising money for, and leading parts of the Youth Mission Trip. Mariangella Glaze, Andy Rees, and Wendy Rees have been our long-time Youth Sponsors, helping in all areas of youth ministry. They have also been very important as I am away completing my student pastoring for seminary and ordination.

As we move into 2017, I want to invite any in our congregation who may have a desire to serve as a Youth Sponsor to contact me. As our youth ministry grows, it takes many hands and many minds to plan, coordinate, and implement our many activities.

Our youth are the future of the church. What better way to shape that future for the better than to invest our time today!

~James Petty