Our first 3 Work Days have been a huge success with more people turning out to help than ever before! We’ve been through the church, top to bottom, and gotten ourselves ready to bring the offices over. A big thank you goes out to John Burke, Randy Burke, Tony & Marianna Gill, Rev. Jason, Mary Ann Matchett, Dick Miller, Rhea Morgan, Bill Ritchie, Dave & Laura Rowe, John Starnes, Jim & Judy Warrner, and Ann Wolfe for all their help with our third Work Day!

We’re in the home stretch now as we fine-tune the plans for the March 18 Moving Day. The staff have been busy packing up the offices and other rooms in the Fellowship House. Now it’s time to move those boxes and the smaller office items over to their new homes. Larger office items will be moved from the Fellowship House into their new spaces with a little help from a local moving company on the following Tuesday– a small change from the original plan, but we’re rolling with the punches! We will also take care of moving any Preschool/ELC items that need to be relocated (with direction from Angie, the Preschool Director, of course!).

If you would like to lend a bit of muscle to the effort, we could use it! Many hands make light work, and we hope you will add your hands as we join together to finish this leg of our journey and look forward to all the wonderful things yet to come!


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