A couple months ago, word began to spread about the possible sale of the Fellowship House. As the possibility grew into more of a reality, one very big question needed an answer—where are the offices going to go? We hope, eventually, to build new office space to accommodate our needs. However, that is a long-term solution, and we had a more immediate need on our hands. So began the quest for a temporary solution, one that would cause as little disruption as possible to the day-to-day functioning of the church and preschool.

To find the answer to our question, groups met, facts were given, needs were outlined, concerns were expressed, opinions were considered, thoughts were shared, compromises found, and, slowly but surely, a plan began to come together. That plan is now, finally, concrete enough to put to paper and share with the congregation.

After our March 18 Moving Day, the temporary home for the church offices will be in the north hallway of the basement, underneath Cartwright Hall. The two doors on the right-hand side of the hall immediately before the doors leading to the outside steps will open to the offices of Rev. Jason, Rev. James, Marianna, Rhea, and Stefanie. Down the hall, the Chi Rho room will house the communal office equipment, such as the copier and fax machine, and is where the weekly staff meetings will take place. This room will also serve as a quiet, confidential space for Rev. Jason and Rev. James to meet with members of the congregation when needed. Our much-appreciated receptionists will have a desk upstairs in the Rotunda near the glass double-doors and will continue to help answer phones and greet visitors as they arrive. Meeting space for the various Committees and Teams that used to meet in the Fellowship House has been made in the Chapel at the front of the Sanctuary. Larger groups, such as the Church Board, will meet in Cartwright Hall.

Like any change, this is going to take some adjusting and getting used to for all of us. But, with a little patience and understanding, we can make the best of our temporary situation as we begin planning for a more permanent solution.