Last week we watched the movie, “Letters to God,” which tied back to our Summer Mission Trip last year at Give Kids the World Village and their recent addition of “Tyler’s Mailbox.” Tyler wrote letters to God and mailed them. His letters were not filled with selfish wishes or angry words. Rather, they were full of his prayers. They showed his way of seeing things through God’s eyes.

Ultimately, Tyler’s letters ended up in the hands of those who needed to hear his words the most—people who were struggling with prayer and making sense of the world around them. By following Tyler’s example and writing their own letters to God, they expressed their true feelings and thoughts; some sad, some angry, some confused, the whole spectrum of human emotion. Through these letters came an understanding of how to pray; God brought clarity and healing through a sense of peace and assurance.

Tyler’s story shows us that prayers do not have to be formulaic. They are simply a conversation with God. Tell God about your joys and concerns. Tell God what you are excited about, the wonderful things that happened to you today, and the things you are looking forward to doing tomorrow.

Not everything in life is sunshine and roses, and we can tell God about all of it. Tell God about your disappointments, your frustrations, and those times when you find it hard to understand the situation you find yourself in. Psalm 22 is a great example of a song/prayer of lament/complaint. Through this Psalm, the writer finds peace, hope, and trust in God.

My challenge to you: Write letters or pray to God as if God is your closest friend in whom you feel comfortable sharing anything and everything. Make this part of your spiritual practice through this season of Lent and watch how God will change your life. ~ Rev. James

Join us for our next All-Youth Fellowship on Sunday, March 12. We’ll be polishing our acts for Taters ‘n Talent!


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