The Youth Summer Missions trip last year to Give Kids the World was such an amazing blessing to all who were able to participate. Because of the incredible impact of the whole experience, our youth and youth sponsors have expressed interest in going back again next summer. But missions work isn’t only about things far and away… local work is just as important! With that in mind, our Youth Summer Missions this year will focus on efforts right here in our own community.

The idea of impacting change locally is one our youth have focused on quite a bit already this year. Many of our discussions during All-Youth Fellowship have centered around concerns and thoughts for our church and community. Back in February, our youth collected “Change for Change” on Super Bowl Sunday with the purpose of raising funds to use in outreach to those in need in our community, especially those without a home. From this effort, Blessing Bags were created. These small bags gave not only our youth, but our entire congregation, a simple yet meaningful way to reach out to, and impact the lives of, those in need.

This year, our Youth Summer Missions will begin on Wednesday, June 7 and continue through Saturday, June 10. Plans are being made to work with some of our local community ministries including the Muncie Mission and the Hoosier Environmental Council. We may not be traveling away from home, but we will be staying together as a group throughout this time.

Family and church members, you are all invited to join us in these service projects. The impact we are able to have in our community can be so much greater with more hearts and hands involved! If you are interested in helping us, but unable to take part in the physical work, there are many other ways you can help out, such as providing meals, helping with transportation, or lending necessary tools or supplies. Details about our service projects will be coming out soon as plans are finalized, so keep an eye out for updates.

If you are interested in participating with our youth, or helping in other ways, please contact Rev. James in the church office or by email at