Tonight we will wrap things up for VBS 2017. Our dedicated team of volunteers has spent the last few evenings guiding nearly 30 kids through The Maker Fun Factory where they learned about themselves as a part of God’s amazing creation! We ate dinner, sang, danced, played, experimented, and crafted. We even collected items to donate to the women and children at the Muncie YWCA. It has been an amazing experience!

Huge thanks go out to our volunteers who made it all happen: Adam Glaze, Marianna Gill, Mariangella Glaze, Rita Horton, Tiffany Ingles, Rev. Jason Jones, Carolyn McShirley, Mary Ann Matchett, Dylan Mofield, Rhea Morgan, Amy Moudy, Rev. James Petty, Stefanie Petty, Brynmar Rees, Jairen Rees, Sonja Rees, Leah Ritchie, Laura Rowe, Mason Shoults, Olivia Shoults, Rachel Smith, Julie Thomas, Rachel Tucker, Ann Wolfe, and Wyatt York.

And to our Hazelwood family: None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for all your love and support! You gave your time, money, supplies, decorations, and prayers, all to help spread God’s love and teachings to these wonderful little ones!