“I greet you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. This is a special message from my desk on behalf of the school’s Board of Management, parents, the teaching staff, and students that we are so grateful to have received the following donations through Prof. Winnie Muchera: 1) School uniforms for 231 students; 2) School supplies; 3) Sanitary pads for girls; 4) Medicine. Our students are so overwhelmed by this positive and godly gesture. I say thank you and may God bless Hazelwood Christian Church leadership and the people of America. Amen. Thank you.”

Yours in Christ,

Victor Umali Songole, Principal, Shivembe Primary School


“Dear church,

We thank the Almighty Father for the good health He has continued to give to us since we became one family. The group is most thankful for the help you have given to them every year. We appreciated the donation of ksh 5,000/=, medicines, sanitary towels (pads) for our girls, and other learning materials. You have touched many hearts and uplifted their living standards. We therefore thank you so much and pray that God will sustain us and make the relationship stronger in the years to come.

God bless you so much.”

Yours Sincerely,

Mama Ni Mama Women’s Group