The work of our Worship Discernment Team is almost finished. We’ve reviewed all of the input from our listening sessions, and we’ve considered every option we thought might be possible for us. We considered options such as going to two different worship services, creating another worship service at another time, or just focusing on one particular style of worship. After considering all the options, the Worship Discernment Team is recommending we stay with one blended service and make it grow. Here are the reasons why we were drawn to this option over others:

  • There is more enthusiasm for this option
  • There is a sense of unity around this option
  • It’s doable
  • We think God is leading us this way
  • There’s more certainty with this option than any other
  • We’re on the right track with what we’re trying to do

The Discernment Team recognizes we have more work to do to provide unity in our worship. We heard many good ideas on how to make our worship better, and the Discernment Team is going to try to find the best ones and propose them as ways to improve our worship. As I said, this process is almost done, but expect a little bit more as we do our best to walk the path we believe God is leading us in our worship together.

— Pastor Jason Jones