Hurricane Harvey Donations – Week of Compassion

If you watch the news, read a newspaper, or follow internet news, you know about the flooding in Houston. One of the benefits of social media, too, is I’ve been able to follow updates from friends who live in the Houston area, confirming they and their houses are OK. When I see such devastation, I usually want to find a way to help. We’re so far away, and we wonder, “What can I do to make this better?”

The good news is we, as Disciples, have a way to help. Week of Compassion is our denomination’s disaster outreach, and they’re always quickly funding relief whenever a disaster occurs. We take a yearly donation for Week of Compassion, usually in February, but you don’t have to wait until then to give. If you’d like to make a donation to Week of Compassion for flood relief, you can do so right now, and you have several ways to give. The quickest way is on their website, You can go to their website, make a donation, and they’ll have the funds right away. If you’d prefer to make a donation through the church, you can give that way as well. If you’d like to give a special gift to Week of Compassion’s flood relief, just write a check to the church and write “Week of Compassion” or “Hurricane Relief” or “Flood Relief” in the memo line, and we’ll collect the funds and forward them to Week of Compassion.

Jesus tells us, in Matthew 25, the real test of our faith is when we see those in need and choose to help. And when we do so, it’s as though we’re doing it for Jesus himself. Our sisters and brothers in the human family in Houston are suffering now. Let’s not ignore their needs but choose instead to give toward their relief.

Grace & peace,

Jason Jones