I was recently asked by a congregant about the possibility of having the Praise Team singers help lead the hymns. They mentioned that sometimes we do hymns that aren’t as familiar, and having the singers lead them would help the congregation to sing more confidently. It’s also been mentioned that it’s hard for the computer operator in the sound booth to hear the congregation singing sometimes, and that makes it challenging to know when to change the lyric slides.

We want the congregation to be free to worship with their whole hearts, whether singing hymns or praise songs. We are willing to try this, and we encourage your feedback over the next few weeks. Feel free to speak to anyone on the Worship Team: Julie Thomas, Andy & Wendy Rees, Tony & Marianna Gill, Amy Moudy, Ann Wolfe, Carolyn Starnes, Laura Rowe, Julie Rhoden, Sally Geib, Rev. James, and Rev. Jason.