Our new neighbors want to have us over! Our church, in 2017, sold what we knew then as the Sulanke Fellowship House to Parlour Salon. As you’ve come and gone from church you’ve probably seen trucks and the signs of workers there rehabbing the place to be used for their business. They’ve put a lot of love, effort, and money into beautifying the place, and they’re going to be open for business in February.

They want to welcome the church to see what they’ve done. This coming Sunday, February 18, after worship, they’re inviting us over to the mansion for a reception. Instead of our regular Coffee Fellowship, we’ll head right over there to Parlour. They’ll have some finger foods for us, and this will be a chance to see what our neighbors have done with the place. We’re very grateful to Parlour for this generous invitation, so let’s head over there on February 18 and say hello to our neighbors.


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