I want you to put down a couple dates in your calendar. The first is April 28 & 29. This will be the date of our first Epiphany Process retreat. It’ll happen here at the church building through the day on Saturday and also on Sunday afternoon. The goal of this first retreat is to move us outside of a “managing the church” model of ministry to a “transforming the community” model. We’ll be engaging in exercises that’ll have us thinking about how we are to be church in this new time in which we’re living. More details will follow, but be sure to save those dates in your calendar now.

The second date is July 8. 2018 is Hazelwood’s Sesquicentennial, which means we’ve been around as a church for 150 years. This seems like something worth celebrating, so we’re going to do it on July 8. More plans will come, but part of that day will involve opening a time capsule the church buried 25 years ago. Some of you were around for that day, and some (like me) have come along since then, but we’ll all have fun seeing what the church of 25 years ago wanted us to see this year. We’ll have a special Sunday that day as we celebrate what God has already done here and what God is yet to do.

These are some important days for our church’s life, so I hope you’ll make plans to be a part of them.

Grace & peace,

Jason Jones