Many youth and parents may be wondering, “Why is AYF important?” Simply put, AYF is important because when we share a meal and play games together, we are building relationships with God, with each other, and with the members of the church who so generously provide the meals. These relationships keep our youth connected to the church and provide a network of support they can rely on when life gets tough, not only as youth, but later in their lives as adults.

During AYF, we start our time together by sharing a meal. Afterward, we break down into smaller groups for our Bible study time. This enables us to have lessons that are relevant to the lives of the youth in each age group.

Our Kindergarten through 5th Graders are at a time in their lives when their abilities to learn and absorb information is at a peak. We believe this is an important time for them because the things they learn now form the foundations of their characters and life choices. Our lessons are designed to help them lay those foundations through fun activities and interactive discussion.

Our older youth, in middle and high school, are at an age where they are forming their own unique identities in relationship to all that is around them. We believe it is important to equip our youth to understand how to live their best, without compromising their characters, values, or beliefs as they deal with the culture and pressures around them each day. The topics for these groups are driven by the youth, not the leaders. In fact, we encourage our youth to find their voice by bringing relevant topics to the table and leading the discussions.

Regardless of whether you are a youth, a parent, or simply a member of the congregation, if you would like to be involved with AYF see Rev. James after worship or contact him in the church office. There is always room at the table!