Spring is here and that can mean a LOT of house cleaning and yard work. The chores seem like they never end, and there are ever enough helping hands to get them all done!

Never Fear… Our Youth Are Here!

Whether you need an extra set of hands or simply have some chores you just don’t want to do yourself, you can now Rent-a-Youth to help you out! Here are just a few of the many tasks they are eager to help with:

Indoors: laundry, vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing floors, washing dishes, cleaning windows, cleaning bathrooms, organizing, and washing woodwork

Outdoors: planting, weeding, washing vehicles, cleaning patio furniture, yard clean-up, and watering plants

Pets: walking dogs, bathing pets, and (the ever-dreaded) poop pick-up of your yard

Kids: tutoring and babysitting

There are a few things we ask from you:

  • Please expect to have at least 2 youth helping out. Safety and transparency are important, especially so when youth are involved!
  • We provide the elbow grease, but ask that you provide whatever supplies are necessary for the task you have.
  • We’ve listed quite a few tasks our youth are able to help with, but if you need help with a task not on the list, contact Rev. James. Odds are we can help with that, too!
  • How much you pay is up to you, but we suggest $10 per hour per youth (this is a fundraiser, after all!) All funds raised will go toward the youth missions trip to Give Kids the World in June.

If you are interested in some help with your to-do list this spring, contact Andy Rees at (765) 702-0667, or Rev. James in the church office. Let us know what you need done, and we will get youth lined up to help!