Dessert. What a fantastic word! It conjures up warm memories of good times with family and friends, delicious aromas, and sweet tastes. It is the perfect way to end a meal (or start a meal if you’re feeling adventurous). Cookies, cakes, pies, candies, brownies, cheesecakes, tarts, cupcakes… The list of possibilities is both endless and delicious!

Whether you love making desserts, or simply enjoy eating them, the Hazelwood Youth have just the thing for you! Our youth are hosting a Dessert Auction on Sunday, May 20 in Sulanke Commons during Coffee Fellowship. There will be samples available to tease your taste buds and entice you to bid on that sweet treat that catches your eye. All money raised from the auction will go toward the youth missions trip to Give Kids the World in June.

The Youth will be making several tasty desserts to auction, but they don’t want to hog all the fun! They would like to encourage all the bakers out there to dust off their oven mitts and donate a favorite dessert to be auctioned, too. What a great opportunity to flex those baking muscles, get in a little bonding time baking with kids and grandkids, and share your creations with your Hazelwood family!

Whether you choose to donate a dessert of your own or prefer to leave the baking to others, bring your sweet tooth and a few extra dollars with you on May 20, and join us for this exciting new fundraiser!