The materials from the 125th Anniversary time capsule have been repaired (to the extent possible) and placed into three binders, which are located on the top of the bookcases in the northeast corner of Sulanke Commons (under the windows where the time capsule and marker stone are currently located). The materials are organized into categories, so they will be much easier to review.

We invite you to submit materials for the new Sesquicentennial Time Capsule. There are paper “2018 Sesquicentennial Time Capsule Surveys” available on the bookcases. You can also email an MS Word version of the form if you prefer. Below, click on the link and you can download the survey. Of course, you may prefer to write a letter from scratch, which is what about half the people did last time. Please submit your completed forms and any other materials such as photos (please label) you would like to include in the time capsule to the labeled box on the bookcase in Sulanke Commons.

Glen Sulanke and the Sesquicentennial Team

Download the Time Capsule Survey