“Dear Hazelwood Christian Church,

On behalf of the residents of the Whitely Community, volunteers, and our board members, I would like to thank you for your 2018 donation of $250 to the Whitely Community Council.

Your gift will help continue the fight against food insecurities that are a daily struggle for many of our residents. The distribution of nutritious food is a vital and important part of what we do to fight hunger, but it is not the only tool we use. Through education, communication, and partnerships with other like-minded organizations, we have created unique relationships that will continue the fight against poverty and the effects it has on communities.

We can not thank you enough for your generosity, but we can guarantee that your donation will be used in the most responsible way, bringing relief to families and creating pathways to sustainability.

Sincerely,” ~Ken Hudson, Executive Director, Whitely Community Council

“Dear friends,

Thank you for your participation in Muncie Mission’s 15th annual Walk-A-Mile in My Shoes fundraiser. We are thankful for this event which raises the awareness of the plight of the homeless and provides funding for the Mission to be able to minister in a positive and loving way. Thank you for your help in making it a tremendous success. When YOU GIVE….WE GIVE. Thank you so much.

Sincerely,” ~Frank Baldwin, Executive Director, Muncie Mission



Thanks to the following volunteers who helped with Christian Ministries’ Food Pantry on either February 27, 28, or March 1: Dick & Marcia Miller, Pat Patterson, Jim & Nancy Reece, Carol Schussler, and Glen Sulanke.