“Dear Hazelwood,

Financially speaking, A Better Way has been going through some difficult times. We are always dependent upon generous, caring people, who make us able to serve people whose lives are in turmoil.

Due to delays in payment from governmental grants, we have been more in need than usual. We have been blessed to have been heard by people like you, who are providing the support we need to stay operational. Our hearts are full…full with the knowledge that you care. You want to help and have done so quickly and kindly with your gift of $100.

It has made our work all that much more rewarding. We know you believe in us and the work we do, and you want to see us continue to do it. More importantly, many people in need of safe, supportive service will receive it without the slightest implication that there is a cash shortage.

I am sincerely grateful,”

~Theresa Clemmons, Executive Director, A Better Way