As a part of my job as Worship Coordinator, I attend worship conferences to learn things that apply to my ministry. Something that’s always been lifted up in almost every conference is that the job of the Praise Team/Band is to be as invisible as possible while leading their congregation in worship. In other words, we try to lead people to God, and then get out of the way.

When we blended our two worship services together into one service in 2015, there was some discussion as to where to put the Praise Team. One idea was putting them on the chancel, but sometimes too much change all at once can be detrimental to the purpose of the change. Four years later, we’ve changed the whole look of the Sanctuary by refreshing the seating. Again, the question was asked by some congregation members about putting the Praise Team on the chancel. And, once again, the thought was it would be too much change at one time.

We’re now in summertime, which is often viewed as a time to try new things. In that regard, starting this Sunday, the Praise Team will be up on the chancel in the corner. By moving them, it will make the Sanctuary floor less crowded during communion, and hopefully the Praise Team will be more effective in leading by being up higher.

I encourage your thoughts and comments as we try this for a few weeks. It may not be a permanent change. It will be evaluated, and then a decision will be made as to the next step to take. Henry Seeley, a worship leader from Nashville, Tennessee, once said that “praise is not a style—praise is an expression of the heart.” Let us come together Sunday morning and give our praise as an expression of our heart. God bless.

~Marianna Gill, Worship Coordinator